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Please Daddy

Title: Please Daddy

Pairing: Niam (Niall Horan/Liam Payne)

Summary: Summary: Niall’s been wanting Liam all week, but Liam’s been nothing but a tease. So Niall pulls out all his tricks, and when that doesn’t work he resorts to his final options. Using Liam’s kink against him. 

Word Count: 4,047

Warnings: swearing, fingering, blow jobs, teasing!Liam, slutty!Niall, Daddy Kink

A/N: Longest thing I’ve ever written! I’m only tagging this in the nouis tag for the anon who asked, there is no nouis in this at all! Feedback as always is appreciated!

“Liam,” Niall whines dragging the ‘m’ out longer than usual. He’s been horny all day and now that they’re all alone he wants Liam to ravish him. If he’d take his eyes off of his computer for five minutes.

“What Niall?” Liam sighs, not even looking up from his Mac. He’s on twitter, doing a follow spree/ question and answer spree and he’s trying to get to as many fans as possible. Niall throws his arms around Liam’s neck, placing a slobbery kiss on the older boy’s cheek.

“I want you,” Niall whispers in his ear, his voice completely wrecked. This gets Liam’s attention and he finally drags his eyes from the screen in front of him to the Irish lad hanging off of him. Niall’s pupils are blown wide, his usually bright blue iris dark and only slightly visible. Liam’s eyes flick to Niall’s lips and all he wants to do is kiss them until they’re red and used because damn when did they get that luscious. But he holds himself back; instead he decides to play a little game with Niall. He wants to see how much he can work Niall up before he reaches his breaking point. 

“Is that so?” Liam asks, bringing his lips to Niall’s for a short peck. Niall surges forward to reattach their lips but Liam shakes his head. Niall lets out a desperate whine and tries to reconnect his lips to his older boyfriends. Right before they touch lips Liam moves his head, causing Niall’s lips to touch his cheek. Liam moves the computer onto the couch next to him and Niall immediately climbs into his lap. Liam quickly flips them around so he’s straddling Niall and in control. Niall reaches out to grab Liam’s neck but Liam gathers his wrists into one of his hands and holds them above Niall’s head. 

“God I love it when you dominate me,” Niall groans out, bucking his hips up to meet Liam’s. Liam grinds down onto Niall, rubbing their clothed erections together. Liam lets out a loud groan before Niall silences it with his lips. He yanks on his restraints, tries to reach out and touch Liam but the Wolverhampton boy has a strong grip. “God Liam. Wanna touch you.” Niall pants when they pull away for air. Liam just shakes his head before he continues his rhythm, applying just the right amount of pressure to make Niall’s knees quiver. Liam’s eyes flick to the computer screen and Niall lets out a high pitched whine. “No, eyes on me.” Liam’s eyes flick back to Niall’s and a smirk graces his lips for a split second. Before Niall can blink his wrists are free and Liam is heading towards the door, laptop in hand.

“I’ll see you later babe!”

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Niall shouts, following after his boyfriend. “I’ve got a bit of a situation here!” Niall gestures towards his crotch. Even though Niall is facing the other boys back he can almost hear him roll his eyes. 

“The fans want me to do a twitcam with Zayn; I’ll be back in a few hours.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Liam stops with his hand on the doorknob and turns to face Niall. He gives him a quick peck on the lips.

“You’ve got hands, use them!” Before Niall can even process Liam’s response the door is shutting tight behind him. What Niall doesn’t know is that Zayn has gone out for the evening and Liam spends the next two hours wanking off in his empty room.


The next day when they’re at the arena everyone can tell there’s tension between Niall and Liam. Or at least Niall is cross with Liam. Liam acts like nothing is wrong, joking around, playful tickling, cuddling and kissing his Irish boyfriend like usual. Niall is always trying to scoot away from him but Liam is too fast and always manages to grab him around his waist and pull him into his broad chest. It’s evident from the way Niall’s eyes brighten that he’s enjoying the attention, but the scowl on his face tries to say he isn’t. The boys get told off by Paul for just goofing around and start to get some actual work done. They’ve got a big show tomorrow night and have to make sure everything is perfect. 

During the beginning of Rock Me Niall’s off on the side of the stage just minding his own business when Liam sneaks up behind him and wraps an arm around his waist. He pulls the smaller boy so Niall’s back is flush against his front. Right before its Niall’s turn to sing Liam leans over and whispers in his ear “Gonna fuck that tight ass so hard when we get back to the hotel.” Niall sputters, causing his note to falter. Everyone looks over at the pair suspiciously but Liam just gives them a small smile. They ignore it and pretend they don’t know what Liam’s up to, even though it’s quite obviously by his behavior; and the way Niall watches him walk away. During Niall’s solo in More Than this Liam walks behind him and gives him a sharp slap to his bum. Niall gasps and turns to glare at him, but Liam just gives him a wink and keeps walking towards Louis. That’s another thing that’s got Niall all hot and bothered, Liam flirting with the other boys. He’s not really sure why but Niall has a kink for watching Liam flirt with others because he knows that in the end Liam is all his. Liam knows all this and uses it to his advantage. All of his whispers to the other boys and the playful bum slaps and cheek kissing is getting to Niall; the obvious bulge in his trousers is a dead giveaway.

“Alright boys you can go back the hotel now since we aren’t getting anything done here!” Paul announces eyes trained on Liam and Niall. Liam just shrugs an arrogant smirk on his face. He’s got his arm around Niall’s waist and his fingers are gently rubbing his hip bones, causing Niall to let out soft moans every few seconds; his hipbones are one of his weak spots. The boys hand in their microphones and in-ears before heading out to the van, Niall with a death grip on Liam’s forearm and just about dragging him all the way there. Niall climbs into the back of the van, pulling Liam along with him. As soon as they’re seated Niall latches his lips onto Liam’s neck and starts sucking a scarlet love bite into the sensitive flesh.

“Jesus what’s gotten into you Niall?” Zayn asks with a roll of his eyes as he gawks at the pale boy. Louis and Harry look back at them and Louis can’t help but giggle while Harry just watches on in amazement. 

“Obviously not Liam!” Niall pulls away quickly enough to respond to Zayn before his tongue is fervently working at Liam’s bruised neck. Louis’s mad giggling stops and an awkward tension fills the space as they all catch on to Niall’s innuendo. The other three boys turn around and try to ignore the blush creeping onto all of their cheeks. Of course when Niall and Liam first came out to them they were really supportive and completely fine with them holding hands and kissing around them on one condition: that they never, ever talk about their sex life in front of the others. It’s one thing to know two of your best mates are fucking, but it’s another to have to hear about it. Liam completely agreed, being quite shy about personal matters he wouldn’t dream about discussing anything that intimate between him and Niall with the other lads. Niall on the other hand isn’t shy about anything and has broken that rule on more than one occasion; Zayn being the one to love making the other boys embarrassed usually jokes right along with him.

“Well I guess we know what you boys will be getting up to later.” Liam can almost hear the wink Zayn gives the other boys. He just shrugs it off, and tries to focus on teasing Niall. He slowly moves his hand from where it’s resting on his thigh over to Niall’s knee. He doesn’t even notice, he’s too busy sucking bruises into Liam’s neck and jaw. He slowly moves his hand up his thigh, rubbing in a small circle pattern. This gets Niall’s attention and he pulls away from Liam’s neck to stare at him, his pupils blown wide with lust. Liam’s lips curl into a smirk but he doesn’t acknowledge Niall; he just continues to stare out the window like his mind is elsewhere. His hand continues its path up Niall’s leg until he’s palming Niall’s clothed erection. Niall’s breathe hitches in his throat and his previous mission of marking up Liam is forgotten as he throws his head back in pleasure. 

“Jesus Li don’t stop.” Niall leans over to whisper breathily in his ear. He usually doesn’t get turned on this much just from Liam touching him but Liam left him high and dry last night (no pun intended) and fuck it just feels so good to have Liam’s hand on him; even if his clothes are in the way. They pull up to the hotel and Liam takes his hand away causing Niall to groan in frustration. They get out and head towards the entrance but to Niall’s surprise Liam hangs back with Zayn while he smokes a fag. “You comin babe?” Niall’s voice is completely wrecked and Zayn can’t help but let out a chocked laugh.

Liam’s head nods but his body leans up against the wall next to Zayn. “I’ll be up in a minute, just gotta talk to Zayn for a sec. Go up to the room and get yourself ready for me.” Niall nods frantically before he sprints into the building.

“You better not take long mate, he’s absolutely begging for it.” Liam smiles in satisfaction, his plan is working perfectly.

“That’s kinda the point mate. I’m working Niall up but not giving him what he really wants. I wanna see how long it takes for him to break.”

“That’s sadistic Li.” Zayn gets a mischievous glint in his eye. “I like it. So what do you need me to do for you?”

“I’m gonna go up there and in about ten minutes come knock on our door and ask if I wanna go to dinner with you. That’ll give me just enough time to have Niall groveling for it.” Zayn slaps Liam on the shoulder.

“This is going to be good!”


“Are you ready for me yet?” Liam calls out as he shuts the door behind him. He hears a grunt coming from the direction of the bed and he takes that as a yes. He walks to where the hallway opens up to the bedroom and his breath catches. Niall is spread out on the bed completely naked; his pale skin is glistening with a sheen layer of sweat and his cock is laying against his stomach red and throbbing. Niall’s hands are clenching the bed sheets to keep from touching himself. Liam can see the lube that was once buried in his bag resting next to Niall on the bed and he smirks in appreciation. “Look at my good boy.”

“Yeah Li, wanna be good for you. Always wanna be good for you.” Niall responds, turning to look at Liam. 

“Spread your legs.” Niall obeys, spreading his thighs wide so Liam can settle in-between them. Liam climbs up the bed and settles in the space between the younger boy’s legs. He reaches out and swipes his thumb against the tip of Niall’s cock, spreading the precome that had collected there. Niall lets out a filthy moan and bucks his hips up, silently asking for more. Liam takes his hand away and shakes his head.

“I thought you were my good boy?”

“I am Lili. Always your good boy.”

“Then be patient baby. I’ve got you don’t worry.” Liam leans over Niall’s torso, careful not to rub against his dick and gives the writhing boy a soothing peck on the lips. While he nips at Niall’s sensitive flesh His hands clasps around the lube bottle flicking the cap open and drizzling a fair amount onto his fingers. His lubed up hand makes its ways to Niall’s quivering hole and his pointer finger lightly traces around the rim. Liam’s mouth leaves opened mouth kisses down Niall’s chest, pausing to flick each of his nipples with his hot tongue. Liam simultaneously bites down on Niall’s hip bone and shoves two of his fingers into Niall. Niall lets out a high pitched whine as his hips buck up into his. Liam adds a second finger and begins to scissor them as his mouth makes its way to Niall’s cock. He crooks his fingers slightly hitting Niall’s prostate dead on. Niall lets out a small shout just as Liam’s mouth surrounds the head of his erection and sucks lightly.

“Holy shit Liam!” Niall shouts as Liam takes more of him down his throat. His tongue swirls around the tip as he adds a third finger. Niall’s hips buck wildly and Liam presses them against the bed with his free hand.

“Stay still baby.” Liam mutters before swallowing Niall’s cock again.

“Holy shit Li I’m gonna come!” No sooner than those words leave Niall’s mouth there’s a knock on the door. Liam pulls off of Niall and grins to himself perfect timing.

“Who is it?” Niall shoots Liam a dirty look but he brushes it off.

“It’s me!” Zayn’s deep voice is muffled through the mahogany door.

“What the bloody fuck do you want?” Niall almost screams, anger clear in his voice. Liam represses a giggle this is too perfect. 

“Uh, I was just wondering if Liam wanted to go out to dinner with me?”

“He’s kinda bus-“ 

“I’d love to Zayn! Be right out!” Liam cuts Niall off before he can finish. Niall’s jaw drops open and all Liam does is lean over to peck him on the cheek. He slowly removes his fingers from Niall and wipes his fingers on the sheet.

“What the hell are you doing?” Niall asks outraged. Liam just cards a hand though the angered blonde’s  tousled locks.

“I’m just going out to dinner with Zayn, I’ll be back before you know it!” Liam heaves himself off of the bed and meets Zayn in the hallway, leaving an angry, flustered Niall in his wake.Liam and Zayn go to dinner, have dessert and then even go to the cinema to watch a film. By the time they get back Niall is fast a sleep under the covers. Liam whispers “success” before he slips into bed behind a still naked Niall.


“Ugh!” Niall huffs plopping down on the bed next to Zayn’s. Harry insisted on having his own room so Liam volunteered to share with Louis so Niall is stuck sharing with Zayn, again. Niall and Liam haven’t shared since the night Liam left him on the verge of an orgasm to get dinner with Zayn. That was three nights ago and the two have barely kissed let alone done anything remotely sexual and Niall’s getting restless; his hands just aren’t getting the job done anymore.

“What’s wrong with you mate?” Zayn asks finally looking up from his phone.

“Liam’s been teasing me all week and I’m tired of it! I just want him!” Zayn lets out a loud laugh and Niall shoots him an icy stare. “What the hell is so funny?”

“Liam’s doing all that teasing shit on purpose.” Niall rolls his eyes.

“Obviously Zayn, thanks for pointing out the obvious mate!” Now it’s Zayn’s turn to roll his eyes.

“What I mean is he’s been teasing you to see how far he can push you until you reach your breaking point.”

“That little cunt! Wait, how do you know all of this?”

“Remember the other night when I knocked on your door to see if Liam wanted to go to dinner?” Niall huffs out in annoyance.

“How could I forget?”

“Anyway,” Zayn continues ignoring Niall’s comment. “Before he came up when he stayed back to talk to me he told me his plan and then asked me to do that.”

“That little shit! What do you think I should do to get him back?” Zayn brings him hand up to stroke his stubble covered chin.

“Dunno really mate, you should just make him want you so bad that he gives in.”

“How should I do that?”

“I don’t know, Liam’s a kinky bastard I’m sure it won’t be that hard.” Zayn’s words click in Niall’s brain and he’s suddenly got the best revenge plan. He jumps off and flings himself onto Zayn, planting a giant kiss on his cheek!

“You’re absolutely brilliant Zayn!”


Thirty minutes later everything is sorted out and Niall’s plan can be put into action. He’s convinced Louis to switch with him and gotten all the boys to promise to leave them alone for the rest of the night. He’s lying on the bed and all that’s left is to wait for Liam to come back from his walk.

“Hey Lou are you still in here? Do you maybe wanna go-“ Liam stops in his tracks at the sight of Niall relaxing on his bed. He quickly recovers and a smile graces his lips. “Hey Ni bug, I didn’t expect to see you here. Where’d Lou go?”

“I got him to switch with me, I missed sharing with you Daddy.” Liam’s breathe hitches and he swears  his heart stops beating. “Are you alright daddy?” Niall rises to his knees with a concerned look on his face. On the insides though, he’s giddy as can be because fuck his plan is working perfectly. Liam takes a deep breath and musters up the best smile he can.

“’M fine baby boy, don’t worry about daddy.” Liam’s voice drops an octave lower on the last word and his pants tighten a bit more. Niall’s playing real dirty and he doesn’t think he’ll be able to resist him this time. Liam crosses the short distance to the bed and kisses Niall. It’s full of mashing lips and nipping teeth but both boys are too far gone to care. “Daddy’s going to take care you ok?” Niall nods his head frantically and pulls Liam in for another kiss. Liam pulls away from Niall and pushes him down on the bed before he climbs on top of him. He throws Niall’s shirt off before attaching his lips to his newly exposed collarbones. As he marks up Niall’s pale skin his hands travel down to the waistband of his trousers. He slowly undoes the button causing Niall to let out a high pitched whine between his breathy pants.  

“Please Daddy!” Niall moans out as Liam’s fingers slowly pull his zipper down. Niall’s hips are bucking frantically, searching for any form of friction. Liam pulls away from Niall’s neck as he pulls down his pants and boxers his eyes trained on Niall’s. He loves the way his eyes get wide when the cool air hits his sensitive flesh. He loves how wide his pupils are and how he already looks like he’s been fucked and Liam has barely even touched him. 

“Don’t worry baby, daddy’s got you.” Liam quickly takes his shirt off and discards himself of his pants and boxers. He’s been waiting all week for this and he isn’t about to take it slow. He presses kisses down Niall’s chest as he makes his way down to his cock, settling in the space between his spread legs.  He presses a small kiss to the head of Niall’s throbbing cock before he laps up the precome that has dribbled onto his taught stomach. “Where’s the lube baby?” Niall’s hand quickly flies to the night stand and he fumbles to get it open. “Shh baby slow down, it’s okay. We’ve got time.” Liam soothes the trembling boy while stroking his thigh. He takes a second to breathe before Niall is slamming the drawer shut and tossing him the lube.

“Hurry daddy.” A shiver runs down Liam’s spine and he quickly lathers up three of his fingers. He slowly pushes the first one in, peppering kisses over Niall’s sweat cover thigh. He quickly adds a second and third finger, Niall’s need pants of ‘daddy’ pushing him close to the edge. “I’m ready daddy please!” That’s all the permission Liam needs to slick up his cock and slowly push it into Niall. Niall’s tight warm heat is almost too much for Liam and it takes all his willpower to not come right then in there. Once he’s buried to the hilt he waits for Niall to adjust the only coherent thought in his head ‘fuck I missed this.’ Niall nods his head and that’s all Liam needs to start relentlessly pounding into Niall. Niall throws his head back against the pillows a small shout rips from his throat as the tip of Liam’s cock nudges his prostate.

“You like that baby?”

“Please daddy, don’t stop.” Liam leans down and licks a stripe from Niall’s neck to the bottom of his jaw, needing to taste him. He’s gripping the smaller boys hips so hard there’ll be bruises for weeks but neither of the two are complaining. Niall’s dick twitches obscenely, causing Liam to let out a filthy moan as his hand finally wraps around the extra sensitive flesh. The head is beat red and leaking precome, the veins that runs along the underside throbbing as Liam strokes him in time with his thrusts. Niall’s rendered completely useless just lying there on the bed babbling curse words and the occasional ‘daddy’. Niall tenses around Liam and with a shout he’s coming, painting Liam’s hand and his stomach in white sticky come. 

“Fuck Niall. Gonna come.” Liam breathes out, his hips faltering.

“Yeah Daddy come inside my tight hole.” That’s all it takes for Liam to slam his hips into Niall one last time before he’s coming deep inside the younger boy. He gives a few more thrusts to ride out his orgasm while Niall strokes his sweat drenched arms. He slips his slowly softening cock out of Niall before he makes his way to the bathroom on wobbly legs. Niall takes deep breaths and tries to calm his heart rate when he hears the shower turn on. A minute later Liam comes back for him, picking him up bridal style and carrying him to the bathroom. He places Niall in the already warm water before stepping in behind him and shutting the curtain. 

“You alright?” Liam asks as he slowly starts to lather Niall up with body wash. He nods his head, but his legs are still shaking and he’s leaning on Liam for support. 

“Yeah good.” His voice is completely wrecked and Liam can’t help but smile in satisfaction. He washes Niall first, making sure he cleans all traces of cum from his stomach and bum before he carefully massages his scalp with shampoo. By the time Niall is all washed he’s gained most of his strength back so Liam can let go of him and begin to wash himself off. Niall places languid kisses up and down Liam’s neck and torso as he washes away the sweat and sex smell that soaked into his skin. His shoulders begin to relax as he lathers his hair with the strawberry scented shampoo. By the time he’s done the water has run cold and both boys are ready to fall into bed and have a cuddle before having a much deserved rest. After they’re toweled off and all warm and snug in their pajamas they fall into the unused bed. Niall immediately cuddles into Liam, burrowing his head into his neck. Liam wraps his arms around the smaller boy’s waist and pulls him into his chest. Liam is on the verge of sleep when Niall lets out a small whisper. “Hey Li?”

“Mm what Niall?”

“How does it feel to be beat at your own game?”

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